Smartphone Slot Machine Piracy: A Growing Threat to Casinos

Smartphone Slot Machine Piracy: A Growing Threat to Casinos

Hackers from Central Europe target French casino slot machines with smartphones.

Casino slot machines, which account for 80% of their revenues in France, are being targeted by crooks from Central Europe. These criminals have devised a sophisticated scheme based on the use of smartphones to manipulate slot machine results. Find out how this technique works and the challenges it poses for the gaming industry.

The history of Las Vegas

Sophisticated Smartphone Method

Casino slot machine piracy has become a worrying reality in France. Hackers from Central Europe have come up with an ingenious method of thwarting these machines simply by using their smartphones. Last year, a man was arrested at the Enghien-les-Bains casino in Val-d’Oise, after pocketing 12,000 euros in a single evening using this method.

How does piracy work?

The method used by these fraudsters is based on the use of smartphones equipped with specific software. This software is designed to disrupt the electromagnetic waves of slot machines and affect their algorithms. It’s important to note that these machines, which generate the majority of revenue in French casinos, are now controlled by the gaming police and operate using algorithms.


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Manipulating the Player Redistribution Rate (PRR)

The key to this scam lies in the manipulation of the Player Redistribution Rate (PRR). French casinos are required to comply with these rates, imposed by the French Ministry of the Interior. The TRJ represents the percentage of money wagered by players that will be redistributed to them over the long term. The remainder is retained by the casino operator as profit.

Pirates modify slot machines’ TRJ by generating interference. By exceeding the 100% threshold, they are guaranteed to win every time without the casino taking any money from their initial bet.

Risks and Limits of Scams

Despite its apparent ingenuity, this method of hacking involves significant risks. Substantial, regular winnings attract the attention of casinos and the gaming police. Pirates who win consistently don’t go unnoticed. In addition, former casino employees may be involved, as they know the frequency of TRJ checks, which vary from one establishment to another.

Mysterious origins of fraudsters

According to an investigation by Le Parisien, a criminal organization from Eastern Europe may be at the head of this network of criminals. Eastern European countries are notorious for their piracy activities, and gambling has always been a target of interest for organized crime.

France’s gaming industry faces a growing challenge

France’s gaming industry is facing a growing challenge with sophisticated slot machine piracy by smartphone-based crooks. As authorities and casinos seek to strengthen their security to counter these illegal practices, it’s clear that hackers will continue to seek innovative ways to exploit system vulnerabilities and enrich themselves illicitly. This threat raises questions about the need to further strengthen gambling regulation and supervision to ensure the integrity of the industry and protect players.

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